Sunday , October 20 2019

Angelina Plum Jam Recipes

Presenting us with homemade recipes of tarhana, cheese, pickles, bread, phyllo, jam, and compote, in her book Homemade Instead of Ready Made, Hulya Erol uses a surprise ingredient in her jam recipes: Vinegar. Erol says, “Vinegar not only gives luster to the jams but also preserves them.”


  • 1 kg angelina plums
  • 1 kg granulated sugar
  • 1 tsp butter
  • ¼ cup grape vinegar
  • ¼ tbsp. citric acid or
  • 1 juicy lemon
  • 2 jars of 1 lt. each


Wash the Angelina plums and slice them. Place the plums and the sugar in a pot in three layers one on top of the other and let them rest for 12 hours. Next morning, place the pot on the stove and start cooking the mixture of sugar plums and granulated sugar mixture on high heat stirring them with a wooden spoon. When the jam starts to boil add the butter. 2 minutes later, take the pot off the stove and leave the jam to cool down. When it cools down, place the pot once again on the stove for a second boil on high heat. Collect the froth that forms on the surface of the boiling jam regularly and after boiling it for 5 more minutes, take it off the stove.

When the jam cools down, place it on the stove once again for a third boil. When it stars to boil, add the vinegar and the citric acid in it, and fold it in without stirring it too much. Boil it for 10 more minutes on high heat and collect the froth that forms on top. Take the pot off the stove and leave it to rest in a sunny place for 1-2 days and place them in the jars.

If you do not have a sunny place in the house then place the jam into the jars while it is still hot, seal it tight with brand new lids and keep the jars in the cellar.