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General Information About Afghanistan

Introduction: Afghanistan (which literally means Land of Afghans) is a mountainous, land-locked country located in south-central Asia. The region has a history and culture that dates back over 5,000 years, although it was only in 1747 that Ahmad Shah Durrani united the various tribes and founded what is currently known …

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Government Structure of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

The Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is comprised of the three branches: Executive, Legislature and Judiciary. The President is head of state and executes his authority in all three branches in accordance with the Constitution. The President has two deputies: First and Second Vice Presidents. In accordance with …

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Women Street Harassment in Afghanistan

“I wish I had gone to the underwear.” The only remnant of the harassment that the child is going through is the sentence that I told myself with my five year old mind. Says Kubra Khademi. Khademi, who came from an Afghan family, was born on time, grew up in …

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What is Nevruz? Who Celebrates?

What is the meaning of Nevruz? How is Nevruz celebrated when? The answer to your questions is being researched with curiosity. Nevruz Festival, celebrated every year and called as the arrival of spring, is celebrated on March 21st. Beginning in 2010, the United Nations General Assembly recognizes March 21st as …

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The Ghosts of Afghanistan’s Past

Shah Shuja ul-Mulk and other drawings, published in “Sketches in Afghaunistan” (1842) by James Atkinson.

ON March 10, Afghanistan’s president, Hamid Karzai, shocked Western leaders by declaring that recent attacks proved that the Taliban “are at the service of America.” The implication was clear: terrorists were colluding with the United States to sow chaos before America’s planned withdrawal in 2014. American and European leaders, mindful …

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Wardak Province, Afghanistan

Maidan Wardak province lies on 6,886,383 degrees longitude and 3, 4 39,458 degrees latitude while 2,210 meters above the see level. Latest statistics reveals, the province has approximately one million populations. Ranked third, Maidan Wardak is among central provinces of the country with its capital city is known as Maidan …

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The Legendary Land of Khorasan

The following was written in Farsi (Persian) by Farhang Dost. This is the English translation. by Sohrab Balkhi For many years the tribal people have brainwashed us with the idea of national unity and, naively, we have accepted the idea. At the same time, they brutally violated the very fabrics …

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The Samanid Dynasty Empire

This dynasty was one of the first that rose to power in Khorasan after the conquest of Arabs. Its founder was called Saman-Khuda who was a native Tajik of the city of Balkh. Although, the dynasty lasted for a short period (AD 819-999) but it left a great mark in …

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Zabul Province, Afghanistan

The southern Zabul province is situated on 66 degrees northern latitude and 32 degrees, 7 minutes at eastern longitude. Zabul known as Zabalistan also, is the native region of Pashtun tribe. Zawalyan is located on Kabul-Qandahar highway. The province has a total area of around 1, 729 square kilometers and …

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