Sunday , October 20 2019


Needing caravan / trailer components?

Roadque produces everything from axles, to tow hitches, to fully independent off-road suspensions for caravans and trailers. Roadque in Silverton, in Pretoria, has grown from a small distributor of automotive parts into a large supplier to the trailer and caravan industry, where their new factory now occupies some 2 200 …

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Travel Expands Your Horizons

It is a well-known fact that travel makes a more well-rounded personality. Travelling allows the individual to immerse themselves in new cultures and new experiences. These experiences will allow the well-traveled person to approach new experiences with an open mind and a willingness to accept new ideas and new viewpoints. …

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Okto Caravans Release Their New Gravel Traveller Caravan

I f style is what sets your pulse racing, then this new breed of gravel-roader – the Okto Gravellor – is just for you. Based on the award-winning Okto (winner of Best Caravan stand at the recent 4×4 Expo show), the Gravellor has the exact same floorplan. The only difference …

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Travel on a Cruise Ship

Which Cruise Line is the Best? They all have their advantages from each other. Some offer smaller ships that many prefer and others have a fleet of larger ships that can carry over 3000 passengers. They travel the oceans from port to port almost everywhere that your imagination travels. They …

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Istanbul is a Fascinating City

It is quite challenging to adapt to a new city. We had a conversation with Samantha Johnson, the British sports speaker of TRT World, who has been living in Istanbul for the last three years, on her life and career. You have been in sports broadcasting for a long time. …

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