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General Information About Afghanistan

Introduction: Afghanistan (which literally means Land of Afghans) is a mountainous, land-locked country located in south-central Asia. The region has a history and culture that dates back over 5,000 years, although it was only in 1747 that Ahmad Shah Durrani united the various tribes and founded what is currently known …

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Government Structure of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

The Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is comprised of the three branches: Executive, Legislature and Judiciary. The President is head of state and executes his authority in all three branches in accordance with the Constitution. The President has two deputies: First and Second Vice Presidents. In accordance with …

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Women Street Harassment in Afghanistan

“I wish I had gone to the underwear.” The only remnant of the harassment that the child is going through is the sentence that I told myself with my five year old mind. Says Kubra Khademi. Khademi, who came from an Afghan family, was born on time, grew up in …

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