Sunday , October 20 2019

Needing caravan / trailer components?

Roadque produces everything from axles, to tow hitches, to fully independent off-road suspensions for caravans and trailers.

Roadque in Silverton, in Pretoria, has grown from a small distributor of automotive parts into a large supplier to the trailer and caravan industry, where their new factory now occupies some 2 200 square meters of workspace. The original building was upgraded to house a large storage and display area for a multitude of products produced by Roadque in their own factory, plus an outdoor equipment store. There is even a stylish eatery, the Roadside Café, adjoining the outdoor supply shop!

Started in 1996 Roadque has expanded to such an extent that its ultimate aim is providing everything needed to build a caravan or trailer. The company now stocks everything from braked and unbraked axles, couplers, rims, and tires, to jockey wheels, winches, springs bolts, drop side and long-leaf hinges, chevrons, mudguards, light brackets, license disk and a multitude of other caravan and trailer components. A large percentage of these are produced in-house in their new factory.

Axles for Africa – built in South Africa for African conditions and available off the rack.

New independent suspension

The latest product to roll off the factory floor is a completely independent suspension system for off-road trailers and caravans. I visited the factory where the owner, Francois Coetzee, gave me a tour of the state-of-the-art factory. I also got a close-up look at the new independent suspension fitted with coil springs and double shock absorbers.

ABOVE LEFT Roadque has highly sophisticated tooling to make quality components. ABOVE MIDDLE A triple Jockey wheel for easier maneuverability, and it runs on a proper bearing. ABOVE RIGHT Roadque also manufactures highly specialized trailers, this one is for dispensing barbed wire.

Francois explained how Roadque got involved in building this new, independent suspension system – a system which is proving very popular in Australia.

“In 2017 a customer came to us, out of the blue, and said he wanted us to build him a chassis: a double axel unit with independent suspension. He actually wanted the chassis to be made of stainless steel. We explained that it would be expensive to build a prototype, but the client was willing to pay the price,” said Francois.“He said it was for a caravan he was going to develop.”

Roadque went ahead with the project. In October of 2017, the client took delivery of his double-axle chassis, fitted with the independent suspension designed by Francois and the team at Roadque. A year later, in August 2018, at an outdoor show, a chap walked over to Francois and said, “Do you remember me?”It was Werner Pretorius, that unknown client who had waked into Roadque the year before, and Francois was standing next to a new off-road Australian-type caravan called the Border X with Roadque’s suspension. This is the new double axel caravan featured on the cover of our August issue of Caravan and Outdoor Life after it had completed an extensive test.

Roadque has gone on to build fully independent suspensions for many more trailers and off-road caravans. They are now building for brands such as Checkmate, Destination, Panther, Unipod Toy Hauler, and Lion’s Den, amongst others. Roadque has just upped the chassis and suspension game in South Africa.

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